Chapelhall & Associates was formed to address the needs of an increasing number of organizations who were approaching us individually for assistance, in our fields of Marketing, Communications, Development, Video, Graphic/Web Design and Branding.

We discovered there is need within smaller non-profit organizations, faith-based missions and educational institutions for help with the rapid changes which were happening in the fields of communications, marketing, and development.  As a result Chapelhall & Associates was born.

Each of our Project Managers are specialist in their particular fields and have an incredible resume of work they have produced prior to joining Chapelhall & Associates.  Within Chapelhall & Associates, we have the ability to address a broad range of solutions for our customers.

Our name comes from a small town in Scotland, and while the vistas can be grand and expansive like few others – the struggle to thrive and overcome the hardships of the land and climate can be tough.  Like the land of our heritage, today’s world offer’s not only increasing opportunity, but increasing challenges for non-profit faith-based organizations.  The struggles of overcoming a strident secular culture make it all the more necessary to gather those around you that can help tell and develop your story…in fresh and relevant ways.


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